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RedHat EX294 Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Exam Practice Test

Demo: 5 questions
Total 35 questions

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Questions and Answers

Question 1

Rekey an existing Ansible vault as follows:


* Download Ansible vault from http:// /secret.yml to /home/


* The current vault password is curabete

* The new vault password is newvare

* The vault remains in an encrypted state with the new password


Question 2

Create a playbook called hwreport.yml that produces an output file called /root/

hwreport.txt on all managed nodes with the following information:


--> Inventory host name

--> Total memory in MB

--> BIOS version

--> Size of disk device vda

--> Size of disk device vdb

Each line of the output file contains a single key-value pair.

* Your playbook should:

--> Download the file hwreport.empty from the URL

hwreport.empty and

save it as /root/hwreport.txt

--> Modify with the correct values.

note: If a hardware item does not exist, the associated value should be set to NONE


while practising you to create these file hear. But in exam have to download as per


hwreport.txt file consists.







Question 3

Create Logical volumes with lvm.yml in all nodes according to following



* Create a new Logical volume named as 'data'

* LV should be the member of 'research' Volume Group

* LV size should be 1500M

* It should be formatted with ext4 file-system.

--> If Volume Group does not exist then it should print the message "VG Not found"

--> If the VG can not accommodate 1500M size then it should print "LV Can not be

created with

following size", then the LV should be created with 800M of size.

--> Do not perform any mounting for this LV.


Question 4

Create a file called in /home/sandy/ansible which will use adhoc commands to set up a new repository. The name of the repo will be 'EPEL' the description 'RHEL8' the baseurl is ' -release-latest-8.noarch.rmp' there is no gpgcheck, but you should enable the repo.

* You should be able to use an bash script using adhoc commands to enable repos. Depending on your lab setup, you may need to make this repo "state=absent" after you pass this task.


Question 5

Create a playbook /home/bob /ansible/motd.yml that runs on all inventory hosts and docs the following: The playbook should replaee any existing content of/etc/motd in the following text. Use ansible facts to display the FQDN of each host

On hosts in the dev host group the line should be "Welcome to Dev Server FQDN".

On hosts in the webserver host group the line should be "Welcome to Apache Server FQDN".

On hosts in the database host group the line should be "Welcome to MySQL Server FQDN".


Demo: 5 questions
Total 35 questions