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RedHat EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator -RHCSA Exam Practice Test

Demo: 20 questions
Total 136 questions

Red Hat Certified System Administrator -RHCSA Questions and Answers

Question 1

Copy /etc/fstab to /var/tmp name admin, the user1 could read, write and modify it, while user2 without any permission.


Question 2

Create a swap space, set the size is 600 MB, and make it be mounted automatically after rebooting the system (permanent mount).


Question 3

Configure your Host Name, IP Address, Gateway and DNS.

Host name: dtop5.dn.ws.com

IP Address:




Question 4

Add a new logical partition having size 100MB and create the data which will be the mount point for the new partition.


Question 5

Create a backup

Create a backup file named /root/backup.tar.bz2, contains the content of /usr/local, tar must use bzip2 to compress.


Question 6


Add an additional swap partition of 754 MB to your system.

The swap partition should automatically mount when your system boots.

Do not remove or otherwise alter any existing swap partitions on your system.


Question 7

Resize the logical volume vo and its filesystem to 290 MB. Make sure that the filesystem contents remain intact.

Note: Partitions are seldom exactly the same size requested, so a size within the range of 260 MB to 320 MiB is acceptable.


Question 8

Part 2 (on Node2 Server)

Task 4 [Managing Logical Volumes]

Resize the logical volume, lvrz and reduce filesystem to 4600 MiB. Make sure the the filesystem contents remain intact with mount point /datarz

(Note: partitions are seldom exactly the size requested, so anything within the range of 4200MiB to 4900MiB is acceptable)


Question 9

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)

Task 3 [Managing Local Users and Groups]

Create the following users, groups and group memberships:

A group named sharegrp

A user harry who belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group

A user natasha who also belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group

A user copper who does not have access to an interactive shell on the system and who is not a member of sharegrp.

harry, natasha and copper should have the password redhat


Question 10

Part 2 (on Node2 Server)

Task 2 [Installing and Updating Software Packages]

Configure your system to use this location as a default repository:



Also configure your GPG key to use this location



Question 11

We are working on /data initially the size is 2GB. The /dev/test0/lvtestvolume is mount on /data. Now you required more space on /data but you already added all disks belong to physical volume. You saw that you have unallocated space around 5 GB on your harddisk. Increase the size of lvtestvolume by 5GB.


Question 12

One Domain RHCE is configured in your lab, your domain server is server1.example.com. nisuser2001, nisuser2002, nisuser2003 user are created on your server Make sure that when NIS user login in your system automatically mount the home directory. Home directory is separately shared on server /rhome/stationx/ where x is your Station number.


Question 13

Configure /var/tmp/fstab Permission.

Copy the file /etc/fstab to /var/tmp/fstab. Configure var/tmp/fstab permissions as the following:

Owner of the file /var/tmp/fstab is Root, belongs to group root

File /var/tmp/fstab cannot be executed by any user

User natasha can read and write /var/tmp/fstab

User harry cannot read and write /var/tmp/fstab

All other users (present and future) can read var/tmp/fstab.


Question 14

Update the kernel from ftp://instructor.example.com/pub/updates.

According the following requirements:

  • The updated kernel must exist as default kernel after rebooting the system.
  • The original kernel still exists and is available in the system.


Question 15

SELinux must be running in the Enforcing mode.


Question 16

Configure your system so that it is an NTP client of server.domain11.example.com


Question 17

Download to /root, and mounted automatically under /media/cdrom and which take effect automatically at boot-start.


Question 18

Make on /archive directory that only the user owner and group owner member can fully access.


Question 19

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)

Task 8 [Managing Local Users and Groups]

Create a user fred with a user ID 3945. Give the password as iamredhatman


Question 20

Create a 2G swap partition which take effect automatically at boot-start, and it should not affect the original swap partition.


Demo: 20 questions
Total 136 questions